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    Dual Laminates

    Dual laminates combine the excellent chemical durability of thermoplastics and the mechanical strength and versatile application possibilities of reinforced plastics. By making different combinations of these two materials we can create an endless number of applications for different needs and environments. 

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    By lining for instance steel or concrete with plastics we can take advantage of the good chemical resistance of plastics and the strength provided by steel or concrete. Linings can be done by using almost any thermoplastic-sheets or chemically resistant laminate. PRP-Plastic Oy is specialised in lining with fluoropolymer-sheets.

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    Chemical Pipes

    Fiber reinforced themorplastic pipes are excellent in applications that require resistance against corrosion, high temperature and pressure. Our dual-laminate chemical pipes are light, do not require special maintenance and are easy to clean. The FRP surface giving the pipes mechanical strength also enable the use in higher temperatures and pressures. 

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    Thermoplastic materials are suitable for thermoforming and welding. Thermoplastics can be used in various equipment structures, such as protective casings, tanks, basins and pipelines. PVC, PE100 and PP and from the fluoropolymers PVDF, PVDF-Flex, ECTFE, FEP and PFA. 

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    Reinforced Plastics

    Reinforced plastics belong to the group of thermosetting plastics. This means that a mould is needed for their production and they can be formed only once. By combining the right reinforcement and resin, it’s possible to make a very strong and corrosion resistant structure, with considerably lower weight compared to steel. 

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    Waterjet cutting

    Waterjet cutting is fast and precise way of cutting where there is no heat affecting the piece in cutting. This why there is no transformation, bending, burning, melting or cracking heat might cause. The cut surface is smooth and with waterjet cutting it is possible to cut nearly any materials to any shapes in 2D plane. 

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    Inspections and maintenance

    We offer inspections and maintenance services for plastic piping and equipment. When tanks and pipelines are inspected regularly it is possible to foresee future service and repair needs and ensure the trouble-free operations of equipment.

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