We manufacture plastic process equipments in accordance with our customers wishes and plans.
Globally significant manufacturer of industrial plastic products
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    PRP-Plastic Oy

    PRP-Plastic Oy started operating in 1990 fabricating plastic process equipment. We design and manufacture high-quality plastic process equipment and pipelines in accordance with our customers own needs and plans. Our personnel have long experience in the fabrication of different kinds of plastics. 

    The process industry is developing strongly and at the same time the requirements for the materials used in the process equipment are getting higher and higher. The number of different applications for thermoplastics, reinforced plastics and dual laminates is constantly growing. PRP-Plastic is an expert in the fabrication of this kind of equipment. 

    Our broad experience and solid expertise with fluoropolymers enables us to fabricate process equipment to the most demanding working conditions. In fluoropolymers we are one of the leading fabricators in Europe. 

    Our quality system meets all ISO 9001:2015 specifications and it is certified by Kiwa Inspecta. It guarantees that we will made excellent quality also in the future. 

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    Turnover approx. 7 milj. €
    Employ approx. 45 persons
    Global player: Europe, America, Asia
    Certified ISO 9001:2015 quality system
    Production personnel qualified by 3rd party
    Authorised fabricator by Agru


    Head office – Moreenikatu 2 A, 04600 Mäntsälä

    Modul Plastic
    Keminmaa – Ratakuja 3, 94450 Keminmaa

    Modul Plastic
    Pori – Linjatie 4, 28430 Pori

    Tel: 029 006 250
    Compnay email: prpplastic@prpplastic.fi
    Employee emails are in the format firstname.lastname@prpplastic.fi



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    Waterjet cutting

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    Head office, Mäntsälä
    Moreenikatu 2 A, 04600 Mäntsälä

    Ratakuja 3, 94450 Keminmaa

    Linjatie 4, 28430 Pori


    029 006 250

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    Employee emails are in the format:

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    Modul-Plastic Oy is a company specializing in the installation and maintenance of plastic equipment and piping.

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